What should I do to focus during meditation?

My mind is wandering while you are guiding me. What should I do to focus?

My mind is wandering while you are guiding me.

What should I do to focus?

What should I do to focus when you are guiding me? This happens to all of us. Myself included. Our mind will always have a will of its own. Our mind is always chattering and wandering off. This happens to all of us when we meditate with or without intention-based guided meditations. But it’s important to be kind to yourself, and when your mind starts wandering just gently and without judgement return your focus to the guided meditation.

If your mind is wandering all the time, it’s an indication that your focus attention is not a particular strength right now. However, meditation is the tool which will make that capacity to get stronger. When we are learning something new, like learning to drive a car, or ashtanga yoga, we need to practice getting better at it. And how do we get better at meditation? We practice, again and again and again. The result is that our ability to focus will get stronger. So, when your mind is wandering while you’re doing an intention-based meditation, you know this meditation really is about focusing and staying in there.

My recommendation is practice. So that you develop a consistence meditation practice. The more we practice the better we get at doing it. This is a process. So, my advice is to practice meditation twice a day to develop your focus attention. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have the complete utter focus on it. Just be calm and relaxed and gently focus on the topic and let the concept of the meditation wash through your awareness.

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