What is Vedic Meditation?

what is Vedic meditation

A simple definition of meditation is that our mind goes from activity to silence. In this silence, in this inner peace we find our true self. And when we we meditate we let go of stress, toxins and fatigue.

Vedic meditation is based on the Vedic scriptures. A 5000 year old source of wisdom and this is the source of yoga (asanas, pranayama and meditation) and Ayurvedic medicine.

During meditation we experiences our inner wakeful presence beyond our thoughts. We can describe this condition as the supreme inner satisfaction, total bliss and the field of infinite possibilities. This inner rest which we reach when we meditate is significantly deeper than the one we have when we sleep. This deep rest allows deep rooted stress, toxins and fatigue to release naturally and gives us many health benefits.

The combination of blissful awareness and deep rest makes you less stressed, more creative, more productive and more adaptable to life’s demands in your daily activities.

Vedic meditation is easy and effortless

If you can think – you can meditate. You don’t have to sit uncomfortably in a fancy yoga position or try to «clear your mind.» Vedic meditation is designed for active people with a modern mind. It is a simple meditation technique that is easy to adapt to a busy everyday life. We sit comfortably, close our eyes, and quietly think of a particular mantra, which is a sound with vibrational qualities, to find the inner calm and move into a state of deep rest. Through this meditation process we gain access to the full potential of the mind and restore the balance of the body.

This vibrational sound is your mantra. When a mantra is repeated during meditation you are able to reach a state of deep rest as your nervous system calms down. As activity in your body slows, including the activity of your mind, you then slip into the gap(transcend) which is the silent space of pure bliss and infinite possibilities. The benefits of meditation can help you in experiencing greater emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and growth.

When we meditate with a mantra according to Vedic meditation principles, we sit comfortably with our back supported and eyes closed and east and effortlessly think the mantra. When we have a other thoughts than our mantra, we easily and effortlessly return to the mantra. This is the whole process: mantra – thought – mantra – thought etc.

Vedic meditation is relaxing

Vedic meditation allows us to dive deep below the surface of the mind’s activity and we gain access to the stillness that is natural in our mind. This silence between thoughts gives us unlimited access to this «space» that lies outside our daily thoughts and concerns. We release accumulated stress, fatigue, fatigue and physical tension in the body. We are in a state of awake rest. After meditating for 20 to 30 minutes, we feel calm, clear, sharp and ready to cope with the demands of everyday life.

You sit comfortably in a good chair or sofa. No complicated and uncomfortable yoga positions unless you want to. Think the mantra easy and effortlessly for 20 minutes twice a day. Comfortable and delicious, and you can do it anywhere. Home. At work. At the airport. If You Can Think – Can You Meditate!

Vedic meditation is rewarding

When we have a daily meditation practice, we reduce the accumulated stress in the body. This helps us to perform at the top level, think more creatively, overcome fears and we feel happier. With regular practice of Vedic meditation, you find that you get more energy. You become more present and productive by using less power. Work, play and personal relationships become much more rewarding.

Vedic meditation is suitable for everyone

Vedic meditation has nothing to do with religion, but is developed by monks for those who lived and lived outside the monasteries, so-called «householders.» These «householders» were people just like you and me with family, work and leisure activities. No matter what religion or belief you have, you can use this simple and effortless mantra-based meditation technique used worldwide. Since the technique triggers a physiological effect on the brain and body, it requires absolutely no beliefs or a system of vision to act on you.

Learn mantra meditation

Here’s how we do it:

  • Choose one of the mantra themes.
  • Send an email to karl.henrik@lumiyoga.no and tell me which mantra theme you want and when it suits you with training.
  • Then we find a time together.
  • You will receive training over Skype duration about 1 hour.
  • After about a week we have a follow-up conversation on Skype or phone where I answer any questions you have. Duration about 30 minutes as needed.


Introductory price for training and follow-up EUR 150,- ordinary price EUR 290,-
I will send you an invoice when we have scheduled a time together.
The invoice must be paid before the training starts.


Be careful!
Mindful meditations may bring you increased happiness.  Decreased stress.  Better control of your life.
Increased compassion toward yourself + others.  Becoming more positive + optimistic.  Better health.
Reduced anxiety.  Better focus.  Increased productivity.  More calm.  Increased clarity.
Present moment awareness may give you inner peace and a better life.

If in doubt, or illness, or under treatment please refer with your physician, medical doctor or other licensed health-care professional before meditating.