Naked meditation

Lumi Meditation naked meditation

Naked meditation

I got several mails where people have asked about my hashtags #NakedMeditation and #NudeMeditation. So instead of writing the same answer several times I’ll tell you about my naked meditation practice here.

A hot comfortable room

On my farm I have a room dedicated to yoga and meditation. This room have a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. I like it this hot when do my yoga and meditation. I have tried it colder and hotter but ended up with this temperature for my practice.

Meditating naked

When I do my ashtanga yoga practice and have my meditation on my own I do it naked. During my meditation I sit naked on my meditation cushion. No clothes. Just in my birthday suit. I find it liberating, just sitting here on my meditation cushion with no clothes on. I have full awareness on my meditation, no distractions from my clothes. Feeling the warm room against my skin. I love it.

Being naked during my meditation also makes me more aware of my body. I make friends with my body just as it is in the moment. My body could be more fit, more muscles here, bigger, smaller, taller, shorter. “There is always something wrong about our body”. But I’m accepting my body just as it is, here and now. I think this is a great way to make my body my best friend since this is the only body I got.

Naked body scan meditation

When I do my body scan meditation I do this naked on my yoga mat. Walking through my whole body. Listening to my body. What does it tell me today? Caring for my body. Accepting my body just as it is in this moment. Connecting mind and body.

Meditating naked makes me feel alive and mindful

Many people can find this difficult, but I compare it to taking a shower. We all shower without clothes on. We shower naked. We wash our body, make it clean, taking care of it.

Meditating naked makes me more relaxed. More aware. More present. More calm. More compassionate toward myself. Increase my confidence. I feel free. Naked meditation makes me feel more alive. I feel my mind and body connecting on a higher level and makes me mindful.

Try naked meditation, you might like it

Why not try to meditate naked next time you meditate on your own. Alone in a hot and comfortable room. Turn of the lights. Light some candles and try my Lumi Love Meditation or Lumi Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation and see how this works for you. It might take some time to get comfortable with naked meditation, but when you do, you will have your experience with naked meditation. You might like it too. And why not try naked meditation with your special loved one in your life.

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