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Lumi meditation – the online meditation studio

Modern Mind Meditation for modern mind meditations!
We learn from the past and live in the present!

We are not connected to any religion. But we acknowledge that meditation goes back for centuries with both its religious and non-religious history. We are focusing on modern secular meditation. Our goal is that both non-religious and people of any religion can use our meditation.

Lumi Meditation is founded by Karl Henrik Lundh, certified mindfulness meditation instructor and teacher with 330h meditation teacher training. I, Karl Henrik Lundh, started my meditation practice in 2003. My teachers have been Gillian R. Godtfredsen founder of and Vedic Meditation teacher Charlie Knoles.

Right now I am about to finish my education in the Vedic Meditation technique, Primordial Sound Meditation, with Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Centre.

All meditations are written and recorded by Karl Henrik Lundh.

But, what about Lumi?

Lumi is short for luminous, luminosity, illuminated, illuminate, illumination… You get it. We need both the light to see the outside world and the light inside our mind to see ourselves. We also seek enlightenment. So Lumi (light) is our name and the philosophy og how we approach life and our Lumi Meditations.

Scandinavian meditation and slow living

We like the finer things in life and focus on authenticity and being present in the moment. Time is our luxury. Removing the unwanted clutter and giving time for our self, family and friends. Nordic meditation for meditators united. is your personal and friendly meditation studio available to you, when you want, and need us.

Do you have an idea for a meditation?
And perhaps you want us to write and record a special meditation? Please write to us with your ideas or theme and we might write and record a special meditation for you that we can share with everyone in the Lumi Meditation community.

Our physical location
We are located in Norway on an island called Tjøme, approximately two hours’ drive south of Oslo.

We work and live on a farm at a place that is called World’s End. Here we have our own meditation «cave” which is also works as our film studio and our sound recording studio.

Lumi Meditation your online mindfulness meditation studio for modern mind mindfulness meditations.