Lumi mantra meditations

Her you can pick the Lumi mantra meditation that you need today. Traditionally in transcendence meditation you stick to your mantra and use this when you do your meditation. I also included my affirmation meditations to be used like a mantra meditation.

You can listen to the same meditation several times and you will experience something new within yourself each time.

Lumi SoHum mantra meditation

Lumi SoHum mantra meditationIn this Lumi Meditation we use the mantra SoHum which means «I am» in Sanskrit. It’s not the meaning of the words in its self that is important, it’s the sound quality. We don’t concentrate on the mantra, we pick it up and let it go. Easy and effortlessly. It’s in between repetition of the mantra where we let go where we can experience transcendence.
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Lumi Love mantra meditation

lumi love mantra meditation Are you seeking silence and transcendence while filling up with love? Do you want to bring more love to your life and spread your love to others? This Lumi Love mantra meditation will do just that. Enjoy our Lumi Love mantra meditation and let your heart get filled with love. Spread your love and receive love from the people around you. Spread your love to the universe ❤
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