Letter from the Founder

Hi and thanks for visiting Lumi Mindful Meditation Studio.
The online meditation studio for the modern mind. 

I strongly believe that mindful meditations can give you a better life
when you mediate daily.


Lumi mindful meditations may bring you increased happiness.  

Increased memory. Better productivity. Better control of your life.  

Decreased stress. Increased focus. Reduced anxiety. Better health. 

Increased compassion toward yourself and others. More optimistic. 

Present moment awareness can give you inner peace and a better life.


I intend to make LumiMeditation.com to place where you can feel at home with a personal & boutique like online meditation studio. I may not compete with the thousands of apps out there with thousands of meditations to choose from, but you can meditate with me and my personal meditations. I hope you find this as an personal alternative to to all the giants out there.


Karl Henrik Lundh
Founder & Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and teacher