Learn mantra meditation the Vedic meditation style

Learn mantra meditation the Vedic meditation style

Learn mantra meditation the Vedic meditation style – en easy en effortless meditation technique! We have many reasons for why we want to learn to meditate, but the most common one today is to reduce stress in our mind and body. When stress is related, directly or indirectly, to nearly 80 percent of all diseases, it becomes clear that our stress levels need to decrease. Stress less and have a better life. And we all want a better life.

When we meditate, we sit comfortably with our back supported and our eyes closed. Get yourself comfortable on the couch or chair. You don’t have to sit in a sore and complicated yoga position. This technique is easy and effortless for both body and mind.

I will teach you so that you learn to meditate with an over 5,000 year old Indian mantra-based meditation technique called Vedic meditation where we use a mantra in our daily meditation practice.

Once you have learned the Vedic meditation style with a mantra, you have everything you need to meditate for the rest of your life, yourself and your meditation technique.

Your meditation teacher

My name is Karl Henrik Lundh, and I am the founder of LumiMeditation.com. I am a trained meditation teacher and mindfulness instructor with teachers such as Gillian Godtfredsen (NOCNA) and Charlie Knoles (The Veda Center). I’m also a Chopra Centre Certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher/instructor with the teachers Dr. Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel (The Chopra Center). In my earlier life I have a Master of Management degree from BI Norwegian Business School, studied art history at the University of Oslo and am a trained coach at BI Norwegian Business School. I’m also a fine art photographer.

I have had my daily personal meditation practice since I first learned to meditate in 2003. I have experience with a variety of meditation techniques such as; zen (zazen), intention-based meditation techniques, various mindfulness techniques and mantra meditation.

But why did I end up with Vedic meditation and mantra? Although I can teach you many meditation techniques, I teach you the technique that is most comfortable, easy and effortless. This technique gives me what I am looking for, calming down the mind, reduce stress in the mind and body. I have been burnt out a few times and I want to avoid getting into that situation again. As well as a number of other benefits that comes as a consequence of daily meditations over several years.

How do we meditate with a mantra?

If you can think, you can meditate. You learn to meditate with a so-called Bija («seed») mantra. A Bija mantra usually has no literal meaning. The important thing about a Bija mantra is the quality of the vibrational sound.

This vibrational sound is your mantra. When a mantra is repeated during meditation you are able to reach a state of deep rest as your nervous system calms down. As activity in your body slows, including the activity of your mind, you then slip into the gap(transcend) which is the silent space of pure bliss and infinite possibilities. The benefits of meditation can help you in experiencing greater emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and growth.

When we meditate with a mantra according to Vedic meditation principles, we sit comfortably and lightly and effortlessly with our back supported and eyes closed and think the mantra. When we have a other thoughts than our mantra, we easily and effortlessly return to the mantra. This is the whole process: mantra – thought – mantra – thought etc.

Some benefits you get when you meditate

  • Meditation can reduce stress and avoid or recover from burnout
  • Meditation can clear your mind, increased ability to stay focused, improved memory, and improved ability to learn
  • Meditation can help you create more harmonious and loving relationships
  • Meditation can enhance your creativity and ability to solve problems and challenges
  • Meditation can reduce depression, anxiety and insomnia

Here you will find more benefits>>

20 scientific reasons to start meditating today
New research shows that meditation can improve your health, bring increased perceived happiness and many other benefits that give you a better life in everyday life.

Learn mantra meditation the Vedic meditation style

Here’s how we do it:

  • Choose one of the mantra themes below.
  • Send an email to karl.henrik@lumiyoga.no and tell me which mantra theme you want and when it suits you with training.
  • Then we find a time together.
  • You will receive training over Skype duration about 1 hour.
  • After about a week we have a follow-up conversation on Skype or phone where I answer any questions you have. Duration about 30 minutes as needed.


Introductory price for training and follow-up EUR 150,- ordinary price EUR 290,-
I will send you an invoice when we have scheduled a time together.
The invoice must be paid before the training starts.

Choose one of the mantra themes below

Mantra A – Do you need to improve your ability to focus your mind and heart?

This mantra helps us in learning something new, expressing ourselves artistically, improving communication with those around us.
This mantra opens the lungs and clears our senses.
This mantra is known for its power to help you achieve wisdom, knowledge and success in every field.
Relation to the planet Mercury and to some extent the moon.

Mantra B – Need to be more independent?

This mantra helps us to experience happiness and joy.
This is a mantra especially for the heart (at all levels) and your higher consciousness.
The Spiritual Heart. The heart chakra. The emotional heart. The heart as a physical organ.
It gives energy to the heart, gives warmth and allows for both deep feelings and deep thoughts.
Creates light and intentions.
Relation to the sun.

Mantra C – Do you need positive growth and personal development?

This mantra gives you wealth and abundance.
Faith and devotion.
Let go of what doesn’t serve you.
Improve health, increase happiness, increase love and calm the mind and emotions.
This mantra appeals to the feeling heart.
Creates light and intentions.
Relation to the moon.

Mantra D – Need change, transformation?

This mantra finds the power in you that creates change.
It gives you energy at the highest level.
This mantra stands for work, yoga (in its broadest sense) and the energy of change.
Stimulates increased concentration and inner consciousness.
Relationship to the planet Mars.

Mantra E – Do you need feminine creative power?

This mantra expands and dissipates energy.
It protects, nourishes and guides.
Strong and stabilizing.
A mantra of peace that carries the energy of our pure being.
It provides poetic and artistic power while providing better communication.
Relationship to the star Aldeberan, the big red star in the constellation Taurus.

Mantra F – Need to find your inner happiness?

This mantra is a reminder that happiness is your true nature.

A mantra that helps you reconnect with your own blissful and joyful nature.
It removes distractions and helps you wake up to the happiness of your existence.
It brings you back to who you really are.
It can be thought of as a reassuring mantra, reminding you that your purest essence is already happiness.
All you have to do is «remember» your true nature.

Mantra G – Do you just need to learn to meditate and are curious about Vedic mantra meditation?

This mantra is a generic mantra that helps you connect with your inner self.
It removes distractions and helps you draw attention inward.
It brings you back to who you really are.
This mantra is suitable for those who just want to start with and explore Vedic mantra meditation.

It’s easy to learn mantra meditation the Vedic meditation style!

Be careful!
Mindful meditations may bring you increased happiness.  Decreased stress.  Better control of your life.
Increased compassion toward yourself + others.  Becoming more positive + optimistic.  Better health.
Reduced anxiety.  Better focus.  Increased productivity.  More calm.  Increased clarity.
Present moment awareness may give you inner peace and a better life.

If in doubt, or illness, or under treatment please refer with your physician, medical doctor or other licensed health-care professional before meditating.