What meditation method should I use for insomnia?

Many people have trouble sleeping. Myself included. And it’s normal to experience trouble sleeping at one time or another.

The main reason for insomnia is often stress. And stress is often caused by thinking about the past and worrying about the future. You are most probably in a negative loop. The more fatigue you are, the more stressed you get. And then again, the more stressed you are the more fatigue you get. We have to break this loop with stress causing insomnia, and insomnia causing more stress. Your energy level, mood and productivity get lower and lower. Eating and drinking issues may arise. So, insomnia is not our best friend.

Any kind of meditation can help. When you start meditating regularly, your meditation can train your mind to reduce its stress level. Your mind will move away from worry and stress to peace and comfort. To a relaxed state of mind. Then you move towards more and better sleep. When we meditate, we are here and now resting our mind in our present moment awareness. With the present moment awareness technique, we are sitting and focusing our awareness on our breath. Another technique is the body scan technique. These techniques are easy to learn.

Falling asleep during meditation
When starting out meditating its common to fall asleep during meditation. And if it happens to you, embrace it. Your mind and body need it. Just don’t make it a habit. In the long run its better for you to do your meditation, preferably 20 minutes twice a day. But if it’s necessary we start with shorter practice. One session in the morning before breakfast and one session before dinner.

Write a journal
Before you start out meditating start writing a short journal describing how you feel. And when you have meditated for one week write a new short text about how you feel and your progress.  If you choose to write a short journal once every week you will see how your development is. It will surprise you. You can do this for as long as you want.

After you have been meditating regularly over a period of time you will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and recharged. You will discover the new you.

If for some reason meditation does not help, you should contact a health-care professional.