Procrastination and meditation

Procrastination and meditation, most of us can relate to this. Our time is valuable to us. Changes in life, is most of the time changing how we live our life, how we spend our time. We often have a resistance for change that we have to overcome.

Changes can be a very difficult period for us. We want to, but often we can’t manage to prioritize what’s important to us. Maybe your resistance is related to stress, feeling uncomfortable due to overwhelming thoughts or maybe you even have a strong misconceptions about meditation. That said, give yourself time to change and build a new habit. It can be demanding, but positive activities like exercise more, and get a healthier diet and establishing a regular meditation practice demands willpower. And with changes like establishing a new routine you will experience there is a hump to get over while your body and mind get accustomed to this new routine. It takes about three weeks to establish a new routine and meditation will be less something that you have to do and more like something you look forward to doing.

As an experienced meditator I would say that meditation doesn’t take time, it gives you time. It gives you energy, increased focus, a calm and clear mind amongst other positive factors and this gives you increased productivity. So, you just have to decide that it’s worth your time to have a few meditations when you don’t feel like it, or it’s a bit uncomfortable. This will pass. But you’ll still grow. The good news is that after you have built the habit, you’ll start to feel better. You’ll feel the benefits of the practice and look forward to it. Meditation will change to something you look forward to, not something you should or must do. You can look at your meditation practice like going to a date, something you look forward to. Spending 20 minutes on a date with yourself.

Practice your meditation twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If this is difficult, start by investing a few minutes a day and build up meditation time gradually from here. Do this for the next three weeks and remember to be gentle to your-self. Look forward to our next session together.