Meditation and negative thoughts

Meditation and negative thoughts is a perfectly normal. And this is thoughts that we all can have. What is happening is most likely that you are exposed to too much negative news. It can be news from television, newspapers, social media and so on. These negative news triggers parts of your brain so that it focuses on underlying thoughts of that something bad can happened to you or your loved ones.

Meditation can help you but first we have to go through two steps. Imagine you are at home in your kitchen and you are baking a chocolate cake.

Step 1. Remove the disgusting ingrediencies. Let’s identify the ingredients in the recipe. We don’t use everything that is in the kitchen, we don’t use milk that has expired or any other disgusting ingredients. We use only fresh and good ingredients. And in this case the ingredients we remove is stop watching the news, unfriend or unfollow negative people on social media. You don’t have to do this for ever. But you have an unbalanced set of thoughts coming into you head and we need to remove the negative clutter. So, you don’t want to expose yourself with negativity that affects you emotionally.

Step 2. Add the good ingredients. You need to add positivity and uplifting things to your daily life. Reading, watching, listening to things that you perceive as positive to you. Read things that are positive and uplifting. Read about great people, who you admire. You know who they are. Watch a comedy on Netflix. Listen to and dance to some happy songs. Be positive and put on your best smile. Talk about health and feeling radiant with people. Practice thinking thoughts that makes you smile. And the keep smiling about these things. Don’t worry if people look at you strangely, just smile at them and smile about how odd you are to be happy in this world. These are the chocolate and sugar, and the other ingrediencies that you are going to use to bake your chocolate cake.

Finally, start your meditation session And the last part, is put the chocolate cake in the oven. This is what meditation is. It’s time to cultivate your best self and allow the ingredients that you have gathered to blend into something greater than the sum of all the ingredients. When you come out of your meditation session, the chocolate cake will be absolutely delicious, but only if you follow the first two steps in the recipe. Remember to be kind to yourself in this process. Be calm and relaxed and gently focus on the topic of the intention-based meditation.

It is recommended that you meditate twice a day, once in the morning before breakfast and once in the afternoon for about 20 minutes. If this does not help, it would be wise to contact a medical professional.