I lost track of time and now feel calm, blissful, great.

What happened?

This is common and perfectly normal, also during guided intention-based meditations. And when this happens in future meditations, embrace it. Though we do not seek this experience in our intention-based meditation, just enjoy it when it happens. Intention-based meditations is based on envisioning an idealized future. In an intention-based meditation you may focus envisioning a future action, a future desired outcome, or a state of being.

But, congratulations, you probably went into a state of trance. When you go into this trance state where you’re very calmly focused on the words I was guiding you through, then you can completely lose track of time. And afterwards, when you come out, you just feel wonderful. There’s a really good just wave of pleasantness that’s just wells up from inside. So, if this is all that happened, you got into a trance state. And it’s wonderful. This mental state can off course be different from one meditation to another. But when you calmly focus on the guided words in the meditation it increases the probability for you to experience this again.

Continue to invest your time, and meditate twice a day, and the probability for you to enter this trance state and experience this wonderful feeling of calm and bliss again. But remember that this state of mind during meditation is not the intention of the intention-based meditation practice, but just enjoy it when it happens again. Keep practicing our guided intention-based meditation.