I can’t concentrate on my mantra

I can’t concentrate on my mantra

I can’t concentrate on my mantra

I can’t concentrate on my mantra, how often does this happened? We can relate to that, myself included. It’s called a meditation practice. And that is what we do, we practice getting better at it. What is important with mantra meditation is to remember that your concentration is not the goal.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means “mind vehicle”. We use the mantra like a vehicle, a tool, to transport our mind to a deeper and quieter state of consciousness. The mantra is here to assist you to get to that deeper and quieter state of consciousness. And, that is our goal, not the concentration.

When we practice transcendence meditation with a mantra, like for instance So Hum, or any other mantra, the whole idea of mantra meditation is that your reciting of the mantra disappears. And then you transcend to the deeper quiet state of consciousness. Sometimes for just a split second, other times for a longer period of times.

When our mind drifts into thoughts, we gently return our attention to the mantra and let go. And we do this over and over again. We pick up our mantra by repeating it effortlessly quietly inside our mind, and again we let go. We return to our mantra and let go. And this goes on, often several times during our transcendence meditation.

Your thoughts are not your enemy. When your thoughts spin through your mind, it is an indication of stress releasing from your body during meditation. So just notice your thoughts, and gently and without judgment return to your mantra effortlessly.

Remember that meditation is not a competition. It’s your meditation practice, so be kind and gentle with yourself during your meditation. Let the mantra come and go. There is no concentration or focus, just return to your mantra effortlessly when your mind drifts into thoughts.

I recommend that you meditate twice a day to develop a consistence meditation practice. The more we practice, the better we get at doing it. So, give yourself 20 minutes twice a day, once in the morning before coffee and breakfast and once in the afternoon. Enjoy your meditation practice.

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